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Episode 10

Making the Perfect Beer Commercial

Matthew Encina

Executive Producer
Ben Burns

Writer & Voice Over
Stewart Schuster

Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal, Jon Pham

Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal, Jon Pham, Mark Contreras, Ricky Lucas, Jonathan Garcia, Aaron Szekely

Music by
Epidemic Sound

The perfect beer commercial; story, taste appeal, and heart.

Creating a video that communicates your brand's story is a must. More than ever, video is becoming one of the biggest parts of our daily lives. It educates and entertains us. And when combined with music that sets an emotional tone, the video is sure to reel in more consumers.

In episode 10 of Building A Brand, the team at Blind puts a brand video together for Hamilton Family Brewery's website. The crew kicks production off by heading out to the brewery to interview the founders, Josh and Crysten Hamilton, and capture the story and process behind how their beer is made.

Back in the studio in Santa Monica, the crew films b-roll beauty shots of the cans and slow motion beer pours to create taste appeal in the brand video and get the viewers’ beer cravings brewing.

To finish everything off, the post-production team at Blind dives into the editing process to shape the brand story. They also include a carefully selected music track that sets the right tone for the brewery’s video.

Why is music such an important component to brand videos?

Music tells the viewer how to feel. It's the other half of a visual experience. It sets the mood of the video and the tone of the brand. Pick the wrong song, and it may paint your business in the wrong color. Choosing the right song can result in a delightful and cohesive experience across your brand and its touchpoints with your customers.

Bonus Content

Crysten Hamilton Talks About Their Brewery's Community

The Hamilton Story - From Idea To Opening Day

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