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Episode 11

Beer Brewery Makeover

Matthew Encina

Executive Producer
Ben Burns

Writer & Voice Over
Stewart Schuster

Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal, Jon Pham

Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal, Jon Pham, Mark Contreras, Ricky Lucas, Jonathan Garcia, Aaron Szekely

Music by
Epidemic Sound

When all is said and done, can design really have a positive impact on a business?

In episode 11 of Building A Brand, the branding process comes to an end, and now it's time to reveal the re-branded Hamilton Family Brewery to the public.

With all of the deliverables in Josh Hamilton’s hands, there’s one last thing Matthew and Ben have to hand off for the project to be complete: the brand style guide. This document will give guidelines for any future designers working with Hamilton Family Brewery on how to properly execute and iterate on the design work Blind has done. Since Josh creates a lot of his own merchandise, signage, and labeling, this document will be invaluable to him.

Before unveiling the new brand to their customers, Josh and his crew redesign the tasting room’s interiors to be consistent with the brewery’s new identity. Now, they’re ready to celebrate.

At a party that feels more like a backyard barbecue than a fancy reveal, the Hamilton’s showcase their new logo and brand to their local community and get ready for the next phase of their brewery’s life.

Will Blind's rebrand help them accomplish their business goals of selling on retail shelves? What will their local community think of the change?

what is a creative brief?

The key to a good creative brief is to clearly articulate

  • The project goals and success metrics
  • Highlight the key insights from the discovery session
  • The intended user or customer, and their needs
  • The design challenge and creative parameters to work within
  • The brand's attributes
  • Task assignments for each team member

Bonus Content

How Josh And Crysten Changed Their Branding Overnight

How Has Hamilton Grown Since The Rebrand?

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