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Episode 5

Presenting Your Idea to Clients

Matthew Encina

Executive Producer
Ben Burns

Writer & Voice Over
Stewart Schuster

Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal, Jon Pham

Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal, Jon Pham, Mark Contreras, Ricky Lucas, Jonathan Garcia, Aaron Szekely

Music by
Epidemic Sound

How do you pitch to clients?

Stylescapes help bridge the gap between what the client’s looking for and what the design team’s thinking. When it comes to pitching the visual concepts, balance is necessary. On one hand, you don't want to overwhelm clients with options and make their decision harder. On the other, you don't want to come with too few options and leave them feeling lost.

Clients don't always know how to express what they are looking for when it comes to visual concepts. For Josh and Crysten Hamilton, they want a visual brand identity that reflects their welcoming personalities, fun-flavored craft beers, and a sense of rich heritage. These qualities are baked into each one of the five Stylescapes the designers created, and it’s up to Josh and Crysten to choose which Stylescape hits the nail on the head.

In episode 5 of Building a Brand, Creative Director Matthew Encina and Digital Director Ben Burns drive up to Rancho Cucamonga, CA to present the design team's five Stylescapes to the Hamilton's. Ben and Matthew hope to get approval on one of the Stylescape directions so they can go back to the team and start designing the brand identity for Hamilton Family Brewery.

Tips for presenting your ideas to clients

  • Have conversations, not presentations – Aim to share enough information in these meetings to spark a conversation. The best way to do that? Ask high value questions that help you understand what they're thinking and why they're thinking that way.
  • Give context – reframe why you made the decisions you made, and how it addresses their challenges.
  • You don't have to have all the answers – No one does. When you give yourself permission to not know the answer some times, it will take a lot of the pressure off of yourself. Just vocalize anything you're unsure of, instead of trying to covering it up. The more transparent you are, the more a client will respect you.

Bonus Content

The Hamilton's Talk About The Stylescape's They Were Presented

Matthew And Ben Give Their Thoughts On The Stylescapes Presentation

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